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Jamie Campfield Bates is an artist photographer with a special appreciation for overlooked beauty, quiet happiness, gentle rebellion, and the surprising, subtle nuances that make everyday life interesting. 

While best known for her award-winning landscape images, her photographic interests range from conceptual projects and street/urban exploring to capturing still lifes, details and the simple daily happenings of her family.









I look for beauty in the everyday and in unexpected places.  I have an attraction to the broken, abandoned and left behind.  I like real- I like pretend as long as it's real too.   I love images that tell stories.  I love that photos allow us to freeze moments and examine details at leisure- to speculate, imagine, unravel, relate, wonder.  I like quiet images.  I believe color is {almost} always part of the story.  I love images that give a glimpse of something below the surface.  Even now, I'm sometimes surprised by how revealing it is to put together a portfolio or to share artistic vision, and I like surprises.  

I'm glad you could visit.       

                                      Jamie Campfield Bates



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